Well, lucky for you that is exactly what is on offer this December at Hackney Showroom in Hackney Downs Studios! Get into the swing of winter hibernation and get your tickets for this pop-up cinema experience now.

Pop-up Screens really have excelled themselves this year with their Narnia-inspired theme; open the wardrobe door, rifle through layers of coats until you reach a festive wonderland with snow-topped fir trees, freshly mulled wine and a reel of classic films ready for your viewing. Whether you want a nostalgic experience with Miracle of 34th Street or feel the love with The Holiday (hello, Jude Law) then there will most certainly be a Christmas film for you.

Can we be fed and watered? I hear you ask! Settling down for a film just isn’t the same without the promise of something sweet to feast on, which is why popcorn, homemade brownies and hot chocolate is on the cards at this cinema, let’s not forget the hot winter wine as well!

David Leydon, Founder of Pop-up Screens has exclaimed: “Our cinema in the snow, is all about making film watching memorable and exciting for the whole family. We’re excited to have added matinee screenings to proceedings this year so kids and parents of all ages can come and enjoy our Narnia-inspired set. When we were 5, you wanted to climb into your wardrobe and find something amazing at the back of it – now you finally can!”

Image Credit: London Town